What Is On Page SEO?

Best On Page SEO Practice

Every webmaster heard about On Page SEO and most us know about it. On page seo is one of must to do seo practice for getting high targeted traffic. Here I am going to share a simple & basic best On Page SEO practice.

There are two types SEO first is Off Page SEO and another one is On Page SEO in this post I will guide you through best practice of On page SEO.

Basically On Page SEO is a method to get high volume traffic from search engine or get our blog on top page in Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

On Page SEO consists two many factor but there is only 4 factor which need closed attention.

1:- Content Of Your Blog or Post

2:- Tittle Tags

3:- URL

4:- Image Alt Text

1:- Content Of Post or Page :- The content of page make any blog or website worth to visit by search engine or user. If blog content is good & unique with high accurate information, linkable, shareable then you will high volume traffic from search engine as every search engine & user like unique content. So if you are blogging about something you need to have good command on that niche in which you are going to make a blog post.

Good Content get linked

In internet Era there is no good or bad content if its not linkable as if your blog not linkable for people then there is more chances that you don’t get attention of search engine. So don’t try to hide your content behind login wall, try to give your user a simple share this button so that they able share your content on social site or anywhere they want to share. Avoid to use Ajax slide show.

2:- Tittle Tags :- What make page a good page is Tittle Tags. Your Tittle should be related to your page content and has your keywords. Tittle tags is second most power full factor which every blogger should care. A accurate & related to page content can catch more eye on your page & search engine too.

3:- URL :- Along with smart internal linking, SEOs should make sure that the category hierarchy of the given website is reflected in URLs.

Here is a best example URL structure


The above URL clearly show the hierarchy of the information on the page and this information used by search engine to determine the relevancy of a given web page.

URL structure is very important to every search engine as they able determine your page relatively information.

4:- Image Alt Text :- Image alt text is the last but most important on page seo practice which you need to do. Not only Your image should be related to page content but also tittle and alt tag of your page should contain your content related keyword.

Best practice of On Page SEO
So now you are able to understand what is “On Page SEO” now you wanted to know about any good example of on page seo website. Here is one is Wikipedia the most and trusted website by search engine. Just head on to Wikipedia and search for Google you will get information about Google read carefully check there language they used searches language. Check the tittle and URL structure and image alt text you will find, Well written content with accurate information on page with related title and alt text.

Implement this practice on your blog and after a week you will able to get high targeted traffic from search engine. Believe Me!

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