How to Unlock iPhone In Simple 3 Steps

How to Unlock iPhone in easy three step with video guide. So you want to unlock your iPhone and its very simple to unlock iPhone.

#1. Firstly you need to find IMEI number o  f your iPhone: Switch on your Phone> Go To Setting > General > About. Note down your imei number same as written in your iPhone.

#2. Purchase IPhone Unlock For Your Phone: There is too many service which offer you to purchase IPhone Unlock, buy one from them but remember to check if they are offering refund or not. I have mentioned some IPhone Unlock Service at bottom of this post. Now head to there IPhone Unlocking services. Once you give them your IMEI and make payment, the waiting begins. Allow however many days they say it takes for them to unlock the device.

#3. Use iTunes to Unlock the iPhone 

1. Once you get the email saying that the iPhone is unlocked, on the phone, go to Settings > iCloud.

2. Sign in with your Apple ID an password if prompted.

3. Turn off Find my iPhone.

4. Take out the SIM card.

5. Put in an unauthorized SIM card (any SIM card that isn’t the one the iPhone came with).

6. Turn it on.

7. It should tell you that you need to activate it.

8. Connect to Wifi and let it activate.

9. Your new carrier’s name should be in the status bar. If so, you’re all set. If that didn’t happen, plug it into the computer, open iTunes and wait for it to confirm your device is unlocked (or require you to restore and then it’ll unlock).

Note >> Not every Carrier offer unlocking, See if your carrier offers unlocking Unlock Service Link >>>MyImei Unlock