Top 3 AdSense Plugin For WordPress

Every webmaster want to monetize there blog by displaying advertisements or affiliate marketing. Google AdSense and other ads networks is the source to get revenue by partnering with them. Here is top 3 AdSense plugin for wordpress website which provide great ads management experience for advertising.

#1 Google AdSense

Google AdSense plugin is the official AdSense plugin by Google AdSense. This plugin is great AdSense plugin as you don’t need to generate and insert ads code. You just need to activate plugin and the plugin will automatically place ads at best placement place on your wordpress site.

This plugin allow you to place AdSense ads code snippet on your site manually at your desired location and you can also able to verify your Google search console account with this plugin. This plugin is only for those publisher who only have to monetize there wordpress website and blog with Google AdSense. Get The Official Google AdSense Plugin by Google on

#2 Easy Plugin for AdSense

Easy Plugin for AdSense is another great ads management wordpress plugin which allow you to insert Google AdSense ads code and other ads networks code into your wordpress website or blog. This plugin provide an great features for ads management like , you can block ads showing on certain page , insert ads in sidebar through widget, blocks ads on multiple pages add a Google Search box.

Easy Plugin for AdSense sports the simplest possible configuration interface — nothing more than cutting and pasting AdSense code, and with sensible defaults for the few options present, all with clear instructions. Find Easy AdSense Plugin on

#3 Ad Injection

Ad injection is another highly recommended AdSense plugin for wordpress website, this plugin has a great features for advert like Google AdSense and other. This ads plugin can inject any ads on your wordpress post and pages. You can control the number of adverts based on the post length, and it can restrict who sees adverts by post age, visitor referrer and IP address.

Ad Injection also allow you to block ads to showing people by IP address, by referrer and allow you take full control on who can see your ads. This plugin can be used with multiple advertising networks, eg. Google AdSense, Buy sell ads, Amazon Associate, Click Bank and other ads networks. Get Ad Injection plugin from