How to Make Money from Your Blog

You ‘re an active blogger getting traffic on your niche blog or website now its time to make money from your blog. There is many way to make money from your blog but first you need check which type of advertising or affiliate marketing pay  much, some time its very hard to find what type of monetization we choose to get some good money. Its always depend on your blog niche, traffic and how much traffic you are getting from Search Engine like Google, Yahoo,Bing & what type of keywords traffic you are getting after this calculations you will apply for any of your desired monetization network.

Placing ads 

One way to get some revenue is to put contextual, text, and impression ads on your site. The Web sites here pay you to display ads: Google AdSense, Revenue Hits, Propeller Ads Media, Infolinks and Chitika.

Becoming an affiliate 

Joining affiliate programs, such as those in this list, let you to make some cash:

Amazon Associates


Commission Junction

eBay Affiliates.

Associate Programs

The Affiliate Program Directory

There is some others methods to get some money from your blog but in my thinking the above all monetize networks is best to monetize you blog. Let me know in commitment box if you think there is other best revenue network.

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