How to get Approved AdSense Account

Google AdSense is the most and the best advertising networks for monetizing Blog, Website, Videos and Game. So you are not getting approved by AdSense bot! Why? Well there is too much reason why your are not getting approved by AdSense. But in most cases first reason is that you are only doing blogging for money not for user! If your are doing same then think about it because AdSense never approve your blog.

how to get approved adsense account

AdSense always need quality blog in his networks so if you want an approved AdSense Account for your blog then the first you need to check the quality of your blog and ask question yourself is this blog helpful to my user? If the answer is No, then increase the quality of your blog, always remember don\’t become copy cat because if you are doing this you are wasting your time as well as some bandwidth of your hosting. After some month of smart work on your blog and the answer is coming yes from your heart, then go to the AdSense and again apply for AdSense you will be get approved by the luck if your niche is accepted by AdSense. But after doing this AdSense not approve your blog then try to do some trick to get more people on your blog and then apply for other AdSense alternative for your blog because the world not end on Google AdSense.