How to get AdSense For YouTube?

Your are having best quality videos on your YouTube Channel now you are thinking to get some money from them. There is two options to monetized YouTube videos.  

1 Monetize YouTube Videos from AdSense. If you wanted to monetize YouTube videos through Google AdSense, for this you need to have AdSense activated account or if you don’t have AdSense account you can get one from YouTube. For this simply check in your channel Features if your eligible and your channel have good standing then click on monetize videos and apply AdSense For YouTube.

2 Monetize YouTube Videos with YouTube partnership network Channel. If you don’t want to go with YouTube AdSense then or may be you have banned from for some then just make money with YouTube Videos Via YouTube partnership network If you are having a big YouTube channel with per 1000 or 2000 view or if at least getting 10 view per day then their is a YouTube Network Channel called Freedom. Apply For Freedom Here.There is no contract and Lock period. stay with this Channel how long you want. If want to discontinued then just place an request you will be freed with your channel.