How to find lost android phone using Google

How to Find Lost Android Phone/ How To Find Stolen Phone

Have lost your android phone now you need help to find lost android phone. I will explain you how to find lost android in a minutes. How you  find lost android phone? So the answer is yes you can find lost android phone doing a search on Google.

Really not only you will get exact location of your android phone via the power of Google Map but also you can ring your phone right from the Google device manager and erase the data of your lost android phone.

Simply just open the Google in your browser sign in your Google account using same gmail account from which you always use play store and in your lost android phone and search “find my phone” in Google search. You will get this link : Click on the link it will be open android device manager and will show you exact location of your lost android phone if the person who having your phone forget to off the location. If you wanted to ring your lost android phone simply click on ring or if you to delete all of your data click on erase or you may also able to lock phone.