How to Generate Google Application Specific Password

How to Generate Google Application Specific Password For 2 Step Verification

Google Application specific password for 2 step verification will provide you a strong security to all your Google services. Here is how to generate application specific password for 2 step verification. First of all you need to activate 2 step password verification service for your account just head on this page and use your gmail email Id and password to activate the Google two layer security for your all Google account.

Here is the most common application for which you will generate two step verification password.

#POP and IMAP email clients such as Outlook,Mail and Thunderbird

#Gmail and Google Calendar on smartphone.

#ActiveSync for Windows Mobile and iPhone

#YouTube Mobile

#Installed chat clients such as AdiumPicasa, 3D Warehouse, Sketchup, and installed applications.


After enabling 2-step account verification, you might find it little bit hard to set up your accounts on different devices. For example, if you are setting up Gmail on iPhone or Gmail on iPad, you need to create one time Google Application specific passwords. So here we learn how to create 2 step application specific verification password. > Visit the Authorizing applications & sites page ( See Picture below) >> under your Google Account setting look for Generate new application-specific password” click there and give them any name like if you want to generate two step verification password for Gmail on your iPhone give the name Ex: Gmail on IPhone. Click on the Generate you will get new password that you can use on your device, but don't refresh the page if you do the same you need to again generate the code. Now if you lost access on the device you just need to go again on the same page to revoke the password so that no can use your account through your device in case you lost your device. Really its little bit hard process to do the two step verification process to generate password for specific device but its will give your account a strong security . ****don't be smart and try to use password in example image I already revoked my password**'.