Free Twitter Tools to Send Automated Direct Messages

free twitter tools

Twitter is a great social networking site as well as Twitter is a great marketing tool too. It’s fact that if you are getting traffic from any social networking site like, Facebook, Google Plus you will be going to rank well in search engine ranking. If we talk about driving traffic from twitter then its too easy by this free twitter tools which send automated direct message to your all Twitter followers. So here I am going to share with you some useful twitter tools for sending automatic direct messages and for sending direct messages in bulk.

Following are two free twitter tools for sending automated direct message and mass direct messages to your twitter followers.


TwitterDmer is a simple tool to use for sending direct message to your new twitter followers. TwitterDMer allows you to send your personalized direct messages to new followers, and also to selected ones by specifying specific user details.Find TwitterDMer Here 

2. SocialOopmh

SocialOopmh is a great twitter tools for sending auto direct messages to your twitter followers and will help you to increase your productivity. SocialOopmh also have ability to perform schedule Tweets, track keywords, follow those who are following you, get new followers, use buzz and much more. Get The SocialOopmh From Here 

This above Twitter tools for sending automated direct messages to your followers is great tools but there is some other tools too so mentioned it on your comment.