Free Online Keyword Research Tool

The hardest thing in doing keyword research is to uncover the related keyword. Here is a top three free keyword research tools which probably help you in doing keyword research for your blog or website. 


This is a great tool for seo of your blog you can get all SEO related work done by this tool and now days it’s most popular seo tool among the webmaster. SEMRush has many feature but we will talk only keyword research tool. With this Semrush keyword research tool you can get the most related keyword with number of volume searches in search engine. This tool provide live update of keyword in search engine even you can use there geographical search location service to get more targeted keywords . You can use SEMRush SEO tool free with limited feature but if you want to get more feature you can use there paid versions.


Keywordeye keyword research tool developed by a UK team of Google, but if you are using this tool in America you’ll have to change it to Google US. Its a great online keyword research tool. It also has geographical options you can change location and get the result for that keyword for that location. Another nice feature is the ability to order the cloud visualization it returns – by Adwords competition or by search volume. Since the cloud already “orders” the data by showing high volume words in larger font, I generally choose to order by Adwords competition. The free version of this tool does limit you to 100 keywords, so while it’s useful for high level ideas, it’s not a keyword research substitute.