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Top 3 AdSense Plugin For WordPress

Every webmaster want to monetize there blog by displaying advertisements or affiliate marketing. Google AdSense and other ads networks is the source to get revenue by partnering with them. Here is top 3 AdSense plugin for wordpress website which provide great ads management experience for advertising.

#1 Google AdSense

Google AdSense plugin is the official AdSense plugin by Google AdSense. This plugin is great AdSense plugin as you don’t need to generate and insert ads code. You just need to activate plugin and the plugin will automatically place ads at best placement place on your wordpress site.

This plugin allow you to place AdSense ads code snippet on your site manually at your desired location and you can also able to verify your Google search console account with this plugin. This plugin is only for those publisher who only have to monetize there wordpress website and blog with Google AdSense. Get The Official Google AdSense Plugin by Google on

#2 Easy Plugin for AdSense

Easy Plugin for AdSense is another great ads management wordpress plugin which allow you to insert Google AdSense ads code and other ads networks code into your wordpress website or blog. This plugin provide an great features for ads management like , you can block ads showing on certain page , insert ads in sidebar through widget, blocks ads on multiple pages add a Google Search box.

Easy Plugin for AdSense sports the simplest possible configuration interface — nothing more than cutting and pasting AdSense code, and with sensible defaults for the few options present, all with clear instructions. Find Easy AdSense Plugin on

#3 Ad Injection

Ad injection is another highly recommended AdSense plugin for wordpress website, this plugin has a great features for advert like Google AdSense and other. This ads plugin can inject any ads on your wordpress post and pages. You can control the number of adverts based on the post length, and it can restrict who sees adverts by post age, visitor referrer and IP address.

Ad Injection also allow you to block ads to showing people by IP address, by referrer and allow you take full control on who can see your ads. This plugin can be used with multiple advertising networks, eg. Google AdSense, Buy sell ads, Amazon Associate, Click Bank and other ads networks. Get Ad Injection plugin from

Best High Paying CPM Advertising Networks

Highest Paying CPM Advertising Networks

CPM (Cost-Per-Mile or Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions) is the one of the revenue making program where publisher make money on every impression . pay per impression (cpm) advertising networks not suitable for every blog as if your website getting very little traffic then you won’t make money I recommend you to use CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising network like Google AdSense or if you have low traffic volume I should recommend you to first make your blog a good quality and high traffic blog .

A blog with high quality traffic from search engine can make money with cpm advertising networks . Here is the top paying cpm advertising network for publisher.


Revenuehits advertising network is the one of the best AdSense alternative now days as its beat Google AdSense in many aspects, they are accepting small publisher too with quality traffic. There website approval process is very good and your website get approved in 24 hours. I personally using this network for one of my blog with very small traffic and making money $5 per week.

Minimum Payments: $20 via Paypal, Payoneer , Wire Transfer is a part of AOL and its the highest cpm advertising network . They require good traffic quality publisher. If you have more then 50% traffic coming from United State then apply for this network.

Minimum Payments: $25 via Check

Propeller Ads Media

Propeller Ads Media advertising network for small publisher is another great highest cpm advertising networks . If you have an small blog with mobile traffic then you should apply for Propeller advertising network.

Plus Point

Plus point is the new advertising networks. Its provide great cpm rate to publisher. Its also require good quality blog with great quality of traffic. You can generate high cpm rate for your blog.

Minimum Payment: $50 Via Paypal Or Check


Infolink is another high cpm rate advertising network for small publisher with good quality traffic. If you good traffic coming from search engine the apply for this network as it\’s a Text link ads based network.

Requirements: Your site must have quality content.

Minimum Payment: $50 Via Paypal, Wire Transfer and Payoneer.


Chitika advertising network will pay you high cpm rate if you have a blog high USA, UK traffic coming from search engine. Chitika also for those small publisher who just started there blog.

Requirements: They Approved every website

Minimum Payment: $10 Via Paypal.


Popcash is popunder advertising network with high cpm rate for publisher. Popcash accept all publisher from all around the world. If you want to try popunder advertising then apply for Popcash advertising network.


Axill is very fast growing advertising network which provides complete solution for publishers to serve advertisements. They offers very impressive CPM rates. Axill works with publishers to improve their performance by suggesting the suitable offers and programs based on the website content.


BuySellAds is another great cpm paying advertising networks. They accept only high traffic publisher with good quality blog. There cpm is greater then other cpm advertising network. If you have huge amount of visitor on your blog with million of page views then apply for BuySellAds.

Requirements: BuySellAds is approval is strict. They approve blog using Alexa Rank and traffic to your blog.

Minimum Payment: $10 Via Paypal, Wire transfer (minimum $500, $35 fee)


Conversant (earlier known as ValueClick Media) is another high paying CPM advertising network. If you are having quality blog and getting 3000 page views per month then apply for this cpm ads network.

Requirements: Good quality Blog with minimum 3000 page views.

Minimum Payment: Minimum payout is $25 which can be done via PayPal, check, direct deposit. Payment frequency is monthly.

Technorati Media

Technorati Media Ads network which is a CPM-based advertising network. It’s offer highest cpm rate to its publisher. Approval based on several factors like Visitors, Page Views, Ranking etc. Minimum payout is $50 and payment is done via PayPal.



Best Content Discovery Network / Native Advertising Network

Content Discovery Network is another great source for making extra money from you website by displaying Native Ads. Content Discovery Network like a Pay Per Clicks Ads network You may have seen on many website showing Relates Stories, Around the Web, Related Posts etc which looks like they belong to that site. Content Discovery Ads or Native Ads are made for to promote other website content to publisher content. Why should you use Content Discovery Advertising Network or Native Advertising Network. You should use Content discovery network to get extra money from your blog and the second reason of this if related native ads not found in content discovery that time they will promote your own in house ads. Here is top best content discovery network or Native Advertising Network


Outbrain is the one of the most famous Content Discovery Network for top publisher. Its used by mostly high traffic blog. Outbrain offers solutions for both desktop and mobile, you can create native ads for both platforms matching your website layout. Its offer more customizable modules to its publisher so that publisher get full control on promoted content for maximum revenue. You can use this Native Ads network as advertiser to get more high quality traffic from trusted blog.


Revcontent the world’s fastest growing native advertising network with 100 billion content recommendations a month. It’s create a truly native look and feel for your users. Recontent publisher site get highest eCpm in the industry with increased audience. If you have blog with quality traffic from any of this country, US, UK, CA and Australia then apply for this Native advertising network.

Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini is the another best native advertising network by Yahoo inc. Its limited to only USA publisher as they only accept USA based quality blog and website in there network. It’s highly customizable, you can easily ad native ads with full control on the content to your website and earn money from your websites.


Zemanta content discovery network or native ads is another most popular native ads network. Its not only provide native ada but also you can use this to get promoted Recommendations. It has native ads features with In-text ads, in – stream Ads sponsored content which provide you to get more revenue options from your blog. is the best suitable content discovery ads network or native ads. I have good experience with this Native ads network. It’s very high customizable content discovery network. You can promote your on post to your user with mixing of native ads. provide highest cpm rate with 100 fill rate and responsive size and style of native ads for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet traffic of your website. You will have more option with Native advertising network.


Taboola can be best native advertising network for every publisher. Taboola offers Content Discovery and native ads for about all devices like desktop and mobile. Toboola can be used for revenue making with sponsored native ads along with your own content promoted to your site user as a related content which help you to boost your page views. You will get your own content promoted on premium advertising blog with Taboola. The all above content discovery network or Native advertising network are the best native network which can be used to make money online from blog or website.

How to Calculate AdSense Earnings

google adsense calculate

So your having a blog or a website and wanted to know how much you get from Google AdSense. There is too many factors involved in making money from an online monetization site like AdSense.

#1- It’s depend on how much traffic your blog is getting and how much percent of traffic coming from Search engines.

#2 – it’s also depend on your blog niche so if you’re blogging about financial services and insurance company then you will get higher cpc ( cost per click) compared to entertainment niche site. So the second most important factor is niche of your blog. Simple method to know how much money will you make from AdSense. Here I will explain you a simple formula to calculate how much time & traffic you require to get $100 from Google AdSense. I will use CPM ( Cost per Thousand impressions) earning method to calculate the how much page views you require to $5 per day and how much traffic will require to make $100 from Google AdSense.

Let assume that you are earning 5$ from 3500 page impressions, then your CPM is, (5/3500)*1000 = $1.42 You earn $1.42 from every 1000 impressions.

How much time it will take to earn $100 from Google AdSense. it completely depends on your blog niche and traffic source. In our case, we will take 1.42$ as average eCPM and to make the calculation easy, we will do it for first 101 dollars. So, with 1.42$ eCPM to earn 101 dollars, you need 71,126 page impressions. (1000/1.42)*101 = 71,126 Wow , I think the above number is too big but don’t worry about this if you are a smart bloggers then its not a big number for every blog making $1 is hard but after making $1 from Google AdSense, it’s too easy to get $100.

Best CPM Advertising Programs to Make Money from Your Blog 2017

CPM (Cost per Thousand Impression) advertising network is the first choice of every blogger and websites owner to make money from there blog, but let me explain about some fact that CPM advertising network not suitable for every blog. Probably there is chance to make money on every impression but if your are getting less traffic so you won’t be able to make money with your blog. If your are one of that blogger who are getting less traffic then I suggest you not go for CPM Advertising network stay back with CPC (cost per click) network because one click give you 1000 Impression money if compere to cpm advertising network. If you are driving traffic more than thousands visitors per day then you can get good amount from CPM Ads.

Generally a CPM network pays you $1 to $3 per thousand impressions. Here is the list of best cpm ad network 2017.

#1 Burst Media ( Now Rhythm One) Burst Media or Rhythm One CPM advertising network is one of the best CPM advertising network but they require your blog should get 25,000 monthly page views or 5,000 monthly unique views. They are having different types of ads format including scroll banners, leader boards, skyscraper and pop-ups with different size. Minimum payout is $50 and they pay you through cheque or Paypal.

#2 Tribal Fusion ( Exponential ) Tribal Fusion ( Exponential ) is the one of the best CPM Advertising network among the blogs with highest CPM paying ads, but there requirements of traffic is very strict. They require A minimum of 500,000 unique users per month with Highly targeted, relevant and regularly updated content blog. There payment term are net 45 with minimum payment $50, they will pay you via check.

#3 Conversant Media ( Value Click Media) Conversant Media is another CPM advertising network and there requirement of site is not to strict like Tribal Fusion. They require only 3,000, impressions per month for getting the blog approved. They are having different types of ads format and ads. The minimum payout of Value Click Media is $25 and they pay through cheque and PayPal.

#4 Technorati  Technorati is the one of the best CPM ads network and there requirements is not too much high like other CPM advertising networks. They are having image format ads and they are offering four kind of payment Paypal, Wire Transfer, Check, account credit with minimum payout $20. It’s one of the best CPM ad network which you can try as an alternative to Tribal fusion.

Best Google AdSense Alternative 2017

Google AdSense is the one of the best advertising networks for your blog, but what if you have done too much but every time AdSense rejected you, don’t worry too much about it because you can earn money through other Top Google AdSense Alternative advertising networks or via affiliate marketing. So Here is some AdSense alternative of 2017 which in my opinion is the best blog monetization networks.


1. Propeller Ads Media


Recently joined with Propeller Ads Media advertising network, its based from United Kingdom and offer good revenue if you are getting good traffic from UK, USA, India, Japan, Europe, but if you are not getting traffic from above country there is still chance to get good revenue from other country traffic too as they are claimed that they have ads inventory for all over the world. Even I am also getting some traffic from other country on my content niche blog and making some reasonable money. Click Here to Join Propeller Ads Network

2. Amazon Associates 

amazon associate

Amazon is the world biggest online shopping portal operations in all over the world will give you chance to get some good revenue if you are having Technology, Health or other niche blog for which the related product is found on there online shopping portal then Amazon associates could work for you. But remember its not pay per click (PPC) or Cost per mile (CPM) ads network, with Amazon Associate you will get commission if some of your user from your site purchased something via the banner ads from your niche blog. You will get around $10 to $100 commission based on purchased made by the user via your Amazon affiliate link. Click Here to get Amazon affiliate Account\

3. Infolinks 


Infolinks is another best AdSense alternative advertising network.\n\nInfolink is cost per click advertising network and its target your website page keywords so there is too much chance to make money with your website if your having reasonable traffic from all over the world. They pay you if you reach $50 via Wire Transfer, PayPal, Check Western Union, ACH and Payoneer. Here is the chance to join Infolinks

 4. RevenueHits

revenue hits

Revenue Hits advertising network is based from Israel with the great advertising revenue I call this network one of the best AdSense alternative advertising network of 2017. Revenue Hits has a great advertising feature for your blog basically they run CPA or Cost Per Action ads but they having CPM & CPC model too, it will help publisher to monetize there every traffic, so with this network you will get good revenue for your blog but you have to give them 1 or 2 week after that you will get best ads for your niche. Targeted Ads + Targeted Audience = Good Revenue.

5. Chitika


Chitika is the first choice of mine when I was just started my blog , so its best AdSense Alternative advertising network for those blogger who just started there niche blog and want to make money from blog. Chitika don’t have traffic requirement so if your website not getting to much traffic there us still chance to make money online from blog. You will be paid when you reach $10 via PayPal but for Wire Transfer you have to wait for $50. Get the Chitika Account

The above all advertising network are the best Google AdSense alternative so try them and make money from your blog.

How to get Approved AdSense Account

Google AdSense is the most and the best advertising networks for monetizing Blog, Website, Videos and Game. So you are not getting approved by AdSense bot! Why? Well there is too much reason why your are not getting approved by AdSense. But in most cases first reason is that you are only doing blogging for money not for user! If your are doing same then think about it because AdSense never approve your blog.

how to get approved adsense account

AdSense always need quality blog in his networks so if you want an approved AdSense Account for your blog then the first you need to check the quality of your blog and ask question yourself is this blog helpful to my user? If the answer is No, then increase the quality of your blog, always remember don\’t become copy cat because if you are doing this you are wasting your time as well as some bandwidth of your hosting. After some month of smart work on your blog and the answer is coming yes from your heart, then go to the AdSense and again apply for AdSense you will be get approved by the luck if your niche is accepted by AdSense. But after doing this AdSense not approve your blog then try to do some trick to get more people on your blog and then apply for other AdSense alternative for your blog because the world not end on Google AdSense.

How to get AdSense For YouTube?

Your are having best quality videos on your YouTube Channel now you are thinking to get some money from them. There is two options to monetized YouTube videos.  

1 Monetize YouTube Videos from AdSense. If you wanted to monetize YouTube videos through Google AdSense, for this you need to have AdSense activated account or if you don’t have AdSense account you can get one from YouTube. For this simply check in your channel Features if your eligible and your channel have good standing then click on monetize videos and apply AdSense For YouTube.

2 Monetize YouTube Videos with YouTube partnership network Channel. If you don’t want to go with YouTube AdSense then or may be you have banned from for some then just make money with YouTube Videos Via YouTube partnership network If you are having a big YouTube channel with per 1000 or 2000 view or if at least getting 10 view per day then their is a YouTube Network Channel called Freedom. Apply For Freedom Here.There is no contract and Lock period. stay with this Channel how long you want. If want to discontinued then just place an request you will be freed with your channel.