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Top 3 AdSense Plugin For WordPress

Every webmaster want to monetize there blog by displaying advertisements or affiliate marketing. Google AdSense and other ads networks is the source to get revenue by partnering with them. Here is top 3 AdSense plugin for wordpress website which provide great ads management experience for advertising.

#1 Google AdSense

Google AdSense plugin is the official AdSense plugin by Google AdSense. This plugin is great AdSense plugin as you don’t need to generate and insert ads code. You just need to activate plugin and the plugin will automatically place ads at best placement place on your wordpress site.

This plugin allow you to place AdSense ads code snippet on your site manually at your desired location and you can also able to verify your Google search console account with this plugin. This plugin is only for those publisher who only have to monetize there wordpress website and blog with Google AdSense. Get The Official Google AdSense Plugin by Google on

#2 Easy Plugin for AdSense

Easy Plugin for AdSense is another great ads management wordpress plugin which allow you to insert Google AdSense ads code and other ads networks code into your wordpress website or blog. This plugin provide an great features for ads management like , you can block ads showing on certain page , insert ads in sidebar through widget, blocks ads on multiple pages add a Google Search box.

Easy Plugin for AdSense sports the simplest possible configuration interface — nothing more than cutting and pasting AdSense code, and with sensible defaults for the few options present, all with clear instructions. Find Easy AdSense Plugin on

#3 Ad Injection

Ad injection is another highly recommended AdSense plugin for wordpress website, this plugin has a great features for advert like Google AdSense and other. This ads plugin can inject any ads on your wordpress post and pages. You can control the number of adverts based on the post length, and it can restrict who sees adverts by post age, visitor referrer and IP address.

Ad Injection also allow you to block ads to showing people by IP address, by referrer and allow you take full control on who can see your ads. This plugin can be used with multiple advertising networks, eg. Google AdSense, Buy sell ads, Amazon Associate, Click Bank and other ads networks. Get Ad Injection plugin from

How to Register a Domain Name With Google

Google is the one of the top most popular search engine and every website need traffic from Google. Here is 3 easy step to register a domain name with Google and get traffic. Visit and sign in with Gmail Email address and password.

Input the domain you’d like to register in the “URL:” field, then enter in the security words so Google knows you are human, and click “Submit Request.” Wait a few minute as its take some time to officially register your domain name in Google. You will get message ”Your Request has been received and it will be processed shortly” so you have registered your domain name successfully to Google.

For better search engine optimization use Google Webmaster Tool or Google Search Console. You can submit your sitemap to Google from your Google search Console account.

How To Get Backlinks From High Authority Blog ?

There is more then 25 methods which considered by Google as well as others search engine to rank any blog or website on his search engine first page including high quality authority backlinks. Here I am going to share the trick so that you can able to get high quality backlinks pointing your blog.

What is BackLinks ?

The term backlinks  in search engine optimization means an inbound link which should be do follow pointing to your blog from high quality page rank websites or blog is called backlinks. Backlinks is the most and first method to get high quality traffic from the search engine and increase SERP. But we need to remember that we don’t get backlinks too many or from the low quality traffic as its might be risky for any blog.

How to generate backlinks from high authority website?

Well getting backlinks from high authority website isn’t easy! But we can make quality back links from authority website by 2 ways.

1. Guest Blogging

You have listened this term too many time the guest blogging is the best way to get back links from PR website by writing well formatted guest post for authority blog free and you can also get high authority links from well guest post service.

2. Blog Comments

We have seen many high authority blog have open there Comments box for Comments . You can generate backlinks by Commenting on there blog using href do follow link with your targeted keywords. But don’t comments as a spam or robots. Your comments should be look genuine as no one want bad commitment on his blog and should be matched with the niche of your keywords. The above method for getting high quality backlinks from authority website will boost your blog traffic from search engine up to 50% but remember don’t try to get too many backlinks for same keywords just try to get high quality authority blog backlinks 2 to 5 per month.

5 Best Keyword Rank Checker Tools

Google Keyword Position Checker Tools

Every blogger want to rank first in Google search for the keyword which he want to target. Keyword position check is most common thing do every blogger. There are number of free keyword rankings checker tools so I am going to share with you best Keyword ranking checker tools or Google keyword Position Checker tools which make your SEO life easier to finding keyword rank for your blog.

SEMRush :

SEMRush is SEO tool for every blogger who want to improve there SEO for the blog. With SEMrush keyword ranking tool not only you able to check any Keyword ranking with live update from top Search Engine but also you will get the volume of search made for those keyword. Semrush SEM tool is very easy to use you just need to enter the Keyword or URL of website you will get result of those keyword and Website including top keyword which are rankings high in Search Engine. This Search Engine Marketing Tool free to use but for best experience I would recommend you to use it’s Pro features.Try SEMrush Keyword Position Checker Tools

Moonsy’s Google Position checker: 

Moonsy Keyword position checker in Google search is another great keyword ranking checker tool for your website. Its not only provide your keyword position in search result but also you can use to check your competitor website ranking position for those keyword. Find Moonsy Google Position Checker Tool 

SEO Centro: 

SEO Centro is another top website keyword checker online tool which provide detailed keyword position of any keyword in top search engines including Yahoo, Google and Bing. It supports tracking competitor websites simultaneously too. Find SEO Centro Keyword Tool

Small SEO tools: 

Small SEO is the great tool for doing search engine optimization of your blog. Its provide best resource too find keyword position in search engine. You can use this tool for keyword ranking tracking as well as for backlink checker of any website. Try Small SEO Tool

Free Keyword Rank Checker & SERP Checker. is another great website for checking keyword position online. You can check keyword rankings positions in Google or Yahoo from over 100 country. So if you are doing local business and want to improve your local business appearance in search engine then you should try this website for checking keyword position in your location. Try online website to check keyword ranking

How to Calculate AdSense Earnings

google adsense calculate

So your having a blog or a website and wanted to know how much you get from Google AdSense. There is too many factors involved in making money from an online monetization site like AdSense.

#1- It’s depend on how much traffic your blog is getting and how much percent of traffic coming from Search engines.

#2 – it’s also depend on your blog niche so if you’re blogging about financial services and insurance company then you will get higher cpc ( cost per click) compared to entertainment niche site. So the second most important factor is niche of your blog. Simple method to know how much money will you make from AdSense. Here I will explain you a simple formula to calculate how much time & traffic you require to get $100 from Google AdSense. I will use CPM ( Cost per Thousand impressions) earning method to calculate the how much page views you require to $5 per day and how much traffic will require to make $100 from Google AdSense.

Let assume that you are earning 5$ from 3500 page impressions, then your CPM is, (5/3500)*1000 = $1.42 You earn $1.42 from every 1000 impressions.

How much time it will take to earn $100 from Google AdSense. it completely depends on your blog niche and traffic source. In our case, we will take 1.42$ as average eCPM and to make the calculation easy, we will do it for first 101 dollars. So, with 1.42$ eCPM to earn 101 dollars, you need 71,126 page impressions. (1000/1.42)*101 = 71,126 Wow , I think the above number is too big but don’t worry about this if you are a smart bloggers then its not a big number for every blog making $1 is hard but after making $1 from Google AdSense, it’s too easy to get $100.

How to tell Google about your site content

Submitting site content to Google is very easy . you just need Google Search console account, if you don\’t have you can create one by simply providing your gmail login credential.

Head to the Google Search Console>> Add your site >> upload site verification code into your domain root and click verify on Google search Console.

Now you have done submit XML site map of your site and wait for 2 days and then open the Google in search box type and you will get your site indexed page.

How to Generate Google Application Specific Password

How to Generate Google Application Specific Password For 2 Step Verification

Google Application specific password for 2 step verification will provide you a strong security to all your Google services. Here is how to generate application specific password for 2 step verification. First of all you need to activate 2 step password verification service for your account just head on this page and use your gmail email Id and password to activate the Google two layer security for your all Google account.

Here is the most common application for which you will generate two step verification password.

#POP and IMAP email clients such as Outlook,Mail and Thunderbird

#Gmail and Google Calendar on smartphone.

#ActiveSync for Windows Mobile and iPhone

#YouTube Mobile

#Installed chat clients such as AdiumPicasa, 3D Warehouse, Sketchup, and installed applications.


After enabling 2-step account verification, you might find it little bit hard to set up your accounts on different devices. For example, if you are setting up Gmail on iPhone or Gmail on iPad, you need to create one time Google Application specific passwords. So here we learn how to create 2 step application specific verification password. > Visit the Authorizing applications & sites page ( See Picture below) >> under your Google Account setting look for Generate new application-specific password” click there and give them any name like if you want to generate two step verification password for Gmail on your iPhone give the name Ex: Gmail on IPhone. Click on the Generate you will get new password that you can use on your device, but don't refresh the page if you do the same you need to again generate the code. Now if you lost access on the device you just need to go again on the same page to revoke the password so that no can use your account through your device in case you lost your device. Really its little bit hard process to do the two step verification process to generate password for specific device but its will give your account a strong security . ****don't be smart and try to use password in example image I already revoked my password**'.