How to find lost android phone using Google

How to Find Lost Android Phone/ How To Find Stolen Phone

Have lost your android phone now you need help to find lost android phone. I will explain you how to find lost android in a minutes. How you  find lost android phone? So the answer is yes you can find lost android phone doing a search on Google.

Really not only you will get exact location of your android phone via the power of Google Map but also you can ring your phone right from the Google device manager and erase the data of your lost android phone.

Simply just open the Google in your browser sign in your Google account using same gmail account from which you always use play store and in your lost android phone and search “find my phone” in Google search. You will get this link : Click on the link it will be open android device manager and will show you exact location of your lost android phone if the person who having your phone forget to off the location. If you wanted to ring your lost android phone simply click on ring or if you to delete all of your data click on erase or you may also able to lock phone.

Best Google AdSense Alternative 2017

Google AdSense is the one of the best advertising networks for your blog, but what if you have done too much but every time AdSense rejected you, don’t worry too much about it because you can earn money through other Top Google AdSense Alternative advertising networks or via affiliate marketing. So Here is some AdSense alternative of 2017 which in my opinion is the best blog monetization networks.


1. Propeller Ads Media


Recently joined with Propeller Ads Media advertising network, its based from United Kingdom and offer good revenue if you are getting good traffic from UK, USA, India, Japan, Europe, but if you are not getting traffic from above country there is still chance to get good revenue from other country traffic too as they are claimed that they have ads inventory for all over the world. Even I am also getting some traffic from other country on my content niche blog and making some reasonable money. Click Here to Join Propeller Ads Network

2. Amazon Associates 

amazon associate

Amazon is the world biggest online shopping portal operations in all over the world will give you chance to get some good revenue if you are having Technology, Health or other niche blog for which the related product is found on there online shopping portal then Amazon associates could work for you. But remember its not pay per click (PPC) or Cost per mile (CPM) ads network, with Amazon Associate you will get commission if some of your user from your site purchased something via the banner ads from your niche blog. You will get around $10 to $100 commission based on purchased made by the user via your Amazon affiliate link. Click Here to get Amazon affiliate Account\

3. Infolinks 


Infolinks is another best AdSense alternative advertising network.\n\nInfolink is cost per click advertising network and its target your website page keywords so there is too much chance to make money with your website if your having reasonable traffic from all over the world. They pay you if you reach $50 via Wire Transfer, PayPal, Check Western Union, ACH and Payoneer. Here is the chance to join Infolinks

 4. RevenueHits

revenue hits

Revenue Hits advertising network is based from Israel with the great advertising revenue I call this network one of the best AdSense alternative advertising network of 2017. Revenue Hits has a great advertising feature for your blog basically they run CPA or Cost Per Action ads but they having CPM & CPC model too, it will help publisher to monetize there every traffic, so with this network you will get good revenue for your blog but you have to give them 1 or 2 week after that you will get best ads for your niche. Targeted Ads + Targeted Audience = Good Revenue.

5. Chitika


Chitika is the first choice of mine when I was just started my blog , so its best AdSense Alternative advertising network for those blogger who just started there niche blog and want to make money from blog. Chitika don’t have traffic requirement so if your website not getting to much traffic there us still chance to make money online from blog. You will be paid when you reach $10 via PayPal but for Wire Transfer you have to wait for $50. Get the Chitika Account

The above all advertising network are the best Google AdSense alternative so try them and make money from your blog.

How to get Approved AdSense Account

Google AdSense is the most and the best advertising networks for monetizing Blog, Website, Videos and Game. So you are not getting approved by AdSense bot! Why? Well there is too much reason why your are not getting approved by AdSense. But in most cases first reason is that you are only doing blogging for money not for user! If your are doing same then think about it because AdSense never approve your blog.

how to get approved adsense account

AdSense always need quality blog in his networks so if you want an approved AdSense Account for your blog then the first you need to check the quality of your blog and ask question yourself is this blog helpful to my user? If the answer is No, then increase the quality of your blog, always remember don\’t become copy cat because if you are doing this you are wasting your time as well as some bandwidth of your hosting. After some month of smart work on your blog and the answer is coming yes from your heart, then go to the AdSense and again apply for AdSense you will be get approved by the luck if your niche is accepted by AdSense. But after doing this AdSense not approve your blog then try to do some trick to get more people on your blog and then apply for other AdSense alternative for your blog because the world not end on Google AdSense.

How to get AdSense For YouTube?

Your are having best quality videos on your YouTube Channel now you are thinking to get some money from them. There is two options to monetized YouTube videos.  

1 Monetize YouTube Videos from AdSense. If you wanted to monetize YouTube videos through Google AdSense, for this you need to have AdSense activated account or if you don’t have AdSense account you can get one from YouTube. For this simply check in your channel Features if your eligible and your channel have good standing then click on monetize videos and apply AdSense For YouTube.

2 Monetize YouTube Videos with YouTube partnership network Channel. If you don’t want to go with YouTube AdSense then or may be you have banned from for some then just make money with YouTube Videos Via YouTube partnership network If you are having a big YouTube channel with per 1000 or 2000 view or if at least getting 10 view per day then their is a YouTube Network Channel called Freedom. Apply For Freedom Here.There is no contract and Lock period. stay with this Channel how long you want. If want to discontinued then just place an request you will be freed with your channel.

Best Seo Tools 2017

Every blogger wanted to know how to check his blog performance in search engines, what key words traffic he is getting and most probably how is my site ranking. Here I will tell you about best SEO Tools which help you to get most perfect data of your site so that you can able to get ride of on your bad seo area and rank your site well in search engine.

#1  Ahrefs a powerful and best seo tools available online will help you to check how much back link your blog getting and what type of site linking your domain, which post is ranking well in search engine so that you can able to use those keywords to get best rank.

They are having best seo tools for you .

1 Site Explorer will help you to spy any website and get data like what type of organic keyword ranking well and sending traffic.

2 Ahrefs Content Explorer will help you to get the data of most shared content on social site based on your keyword so that you can plan to write post on that keyword.

3 Ahrefs Positions Explorer : is another great seo tool which allow to search profitable keyword or domain and get result for how much traffic that domain is getting from search engine and top Top 10 Competitors of that blog.

4 Ahrefs Keywords Explorer : Keywords Explorer seo tools will allow you to search the keyword based on your niche and get data of unique keywords search from search engines.

#2  SEMrush Online Seo Tools :

SEMrush is another best online seo tools which help you to find all seo related query in a minute, you just need to enter your domain name and SEMrush online seo tools give prefect result of your blog , like how much organic search blog is getting what type of keywords ranking well in search Engine and back link seo tools will find what type of domain linking to your domain name. SEMrush best seo tool is they tell you your top keywords and how much cost per click revenue you will get for one click. You can find how your site rank in other country and what type of keywords driving traffic at your blog. The above two best seo tools which is available online are great seo tools, just try them they will not charge any piny for some seo report which ever webmaster need , you will be able to check what type of seo strategy will give more traffic from search engine.


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What Is On Page SEO?

Best On Page SEO Practice

Every webmaster heard about On Page SEO and most us know about it. On page seo is one of must to do seo practice for getting high targeted traffic. Here I am going to share a simple & basic best On Page SEO practice.

There are two types SEO first is Off Page SEO and another one is On Page SEO in this post I will guide you through best practice of On page SEO.

Basically On Page SEO is a method to get high volume traffic from search engine or get our blog on top page in Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

On Page SEO consists two many factor but there is only 4 factor which need closed attention.

1:- Content Of Your Blog or Post

2:- Tittle Tags

3:- URL

4:- Image Alt Text

1:- Content Of Post or Page :- The content of page make any blog or website worth to visit by search engine or user. If blog content is good & unique with high accurate information, linkable, shareable then you will high volume traffic from search engine as every search engine & user like unique content. So if you are blogging about something you need to have good command on that niche in which you are going to make a blog post.

Good Content get linked

In internet Era there is no good or bad content if its not linkable as if your blog not linkable for people then there is more chances that you don’t get attention of search engine. So don’t try to hide your content behind login wall, try to give your user a simple share this button so that they able share your content on social site or anywhere they want to share. Avoid to use Ajax slide show.

2:- Tittle Tags :- What make page a good page is Tittle Tags. Your Tittle should be related to your page content and has your keywords. Tittle tags is second most power full factor which every blogger should care. A accurate & related to page content can catch more eye on your page & search engine too.

3:- URL :- Along with smart internal linking, SEOs should make sure that the category hierarchy of the given website is reflected in URLs.

Here is a best example URL structure

The above URL clearly show the hierarchy of the information on the page and this information used by search engine to determine the relevancy of a given web page.

URL structure is very important to every search engine as they able determine your page relatively information.

4:- Image Alt Text :- Image alt text is the last but most important on page seo practice which you need to do. Not only Your image should be related to page content but also tittle and alt tag of your page should contain your content related keyword.

Best practice of On Page SEO
So now you are able to understand what is “On Page SEO” now you wanted to know about any good example of on page seo website. Here is one is Wikipedia the most and trusted website by search engine. Just head on to Wikipedia and search for Google you will get information about Google read carefully check there language they used searches language. Check the tittle and URL structure and image alt text you will find, Well written content with accurate information on page with related title and alt text.

Implement this practice on your blog and after a week you will able to get high targeted traffic from search engine. Believe Me!

How to Make Money from Your Blog

You ‘re an active blogger getting traffic on your niche blog or website now its time to make money from your blog. There is many way to make money from your blog but first you need check which type of advertising or affiliate marketing pay  much, some time its very hard to find what type of monetization we choose to get some good money. Its always depend on your blog niche, traffic and how much traffic you are getting from Search Engine like Google, Yahoo,Bing & what type of keywords traffic you are getting after this calculations you will apply for any of your desired monetization network.

Placing ads 

One way to get some revenue is to put contextual, text, and impression ads on your site. The Web sites here pay you to display ads: Google AdSense, Revenue Hits, Propeller Ads Media, Infolinks and Chitika.

Becoming an affiliate 

Joining affiliate programs, such as those in this list, let you to make some cash:

Amazon Associates


Commission Junction

eBay Affiliates.

Associate Programs

The Affiliate Program Directory

There is some others methods to get some money from your blog but in my thinking the above all monetize networks is best to monetize you blog. Let me know in commitment box if you think there is other best revenue network.

What is a blog?

Every time I come to know about people asking what is a blog. Generally definition of blog is a page on web which contains, image, word and one person thought on a topic or on many topic. Blog not cover only one topic, it’s cover all topic in which the person was interested who created blog. E.g I am very interested in Technology, SEO, Search Engine, so if you check mine blog , you will find I have written not only in SEO but also on iOS device & android device. Blog always created by one person on any blogging site like, WordPress Blog, Blogger Blog, Wiki Blog and many other blogging service might be person host is own blog on his own server. Blogger always try to written on any topic and updated his blog pretty days. So that his blog & reader get always new stuff.

Here is some more accurate definition of What is a Blog

‘A weblog is kind of a continual tour, with a human guide who you get to know. There are many guides to choose from, each develops an audience, and there’s also comraderie and politics between the people who run weblogs, they point to each other, in all kinds of structures, graphs, loops, etc.’

A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger.” Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allows people with little or no technical background to update and maintain the blog. Postings on a blog are almost always arranged in chronological order with the most recent additions featured most prominently.’ Source For me a blog is a place to share your passion with others. It facilitates the exchange of Ideas with other interested parties. Perhaps my definition is a little more abstract than others’ but that’s how I see it.