5 Best ways of Link Building

5 Best ways of Link Building

To build up a brand identity in online preference with your website there is no alternative to link building. A perfect link building strategy can not only give you profit but also can help you to make your site more visible to people working with online platforms. Today I am going to write about 5 best ways of link building. I hope this guide will help you to achieve your target. Lets get started!

Way-1: Broken Link Checkup

This is one of the latest formulas of link building. There are lots of way to target your domain. You can google your niche and then pickup couple of them or may be tons. But make sure they are actually your target. You can get them listed on a spreadsheet. Then the most important part appears, How to find out the broken links.

There are lots of tools to find broken link. You can simply search them. Now just put your url in the box and press enter. Hopefully you might get some broken link. Copy all of them and store them in a file. Go for the other one’s in the same way. Now what you need to do is find the most relevant content and outreach. I am quite sure that you are going to have at least 10% link of the total prospect or may be more.

Free Broken Link Checker   checks your website for bad links   dead links online

In this way you can build tons of link with simple strategy.

Way-2: Resource page linking

If your site have already decent amount of link then this way is perfect for you. Go for research again with google. Hope that you will find relevant content. Target the article or blogpost. Store them in one spread sheet. Then simply out reach the blogger or writer of the article to add your link as a resource. I know it’s little bit confusing that are they going to give you a link back to your url. In that case offer them something. Like, promoting their blogpost or linking back from your site. By this way you are going to have a win-win situation which will turn your prospect into lead. Just like this:

What are Broken Links

Way-3: Creating Infographic

This is a modern way to build link. It is considered as one of the powerful way of link building. You can build link in two different day through infographic. First one is image backlink and second one is the secret one.

If you are thinking creating backlink will take more and more time then you are living in the different world. Because today creating info graphic is quite simple. You can make infographic with canva. There are other tools similar to canva but still you can make lots of amazing infographic through it.

The Power of Visual Storytelling in Content Marketing  Infographic

Now you just need to outreach to your prospects and offer them to publish your infographic to their site. Don’t ask them about giving link to your site. Instead of it tell them that you have written a content describing the infographic. I really do belive most of the prospects will turn into your lead. Now you just need to insert your link to the content of your article.

Way-4: Guest Blogging

The toughest also best way to build quality link is guest blogging. If you are similar to writing then this is for you. Write informative and attractive content for your targeted audience and then outreach it to different editorial blogs. Suppose you have written a content about rich snippets. Now you want to publish on a seo blog. First define your content section. In terms of rich snippets, it will be SEO. The go to google and search with the term below:

Seo + “write for us”

Seo + “submit a guest post”

Seo + “contribute on blog”

There are lot of keyword to find your prospects. Just out reach them. Hope that your content will soon approved and published into a blog.

seo submit an article Google Search

Way-5: Post interview

In modern link building strategy this is new formula of building links. You can go for interview with a big influencer and then write it down on your word file.

I do believe there are lots of sites who want to publish content like this on their site. This is because people around then want to get something authentic and appreciative.

You can write about an webinar, sometimes you can write about ‘experts roundup’ all these kinds of stuffs will help you to generate backlinks organically.

Neil Patel Interview One of the Biggest Influencers on Digital Marketing

Last few words, No one like keyword stuffed content. If you see people scrolling on your content that’s mean you are successful. If people find something informative from your post then they are surely going to link back to your content. Yes, this is the main strategy. The ultimate way to generate organic backlinks to your site.

Free Guest Posting

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How To Design Your Own Website Online?

Designing a website require high accuracy knowledge of HTML , Java, PHP and other coding knowledge. Website building and designing is hard task for the person who don’t have technical knowledge or don’t know any things about coding. I am sharing top design your own website online website builder for designing your website completely free.


Wix is the one of the top popular website design service which allow user to make there own website and design there own website through there most popular website builder online. With wix anyone without having knowledge of website design can make a responsive website.

2. Weebly

Weebly is the leader of free website design online in online design of website. Any user can design own website in a minutes with Weebly website building source. They have power full features for creating website and blog. They offer thousands of unique theme and easy drag and drop editor to design your own website.

3. Moonfruit

Moonfruit is another best free website builder for building your own website, blog and online shop store.Design your own stunning and unique website with Moonfruit. They offer great features for building your own website including easy to use drag and drop software that gives you customisation control to design your own website. They offer mobile-friendly HTML5-powered website builder for auto-optimises your site for computers, smartphones and tablets.

4. Squarespace

Squarespace online website builder for building and designing your website is another great online design your own website solutions. Whether you want to create a blog, eCommerce store, portfolio, or all of the above, you can express your idea with a website powered by there elegant yet intuitive platform.

The all above Design Your Own Website free online tools are great to use for design and building you own blog , Website and Store.

Top 3 AdSense Plugin For WordPress

Every webmaster want to monetize there blog by displaying advertisements or affiliate marketing. Google AdSense and other ads networks is the source to get revenue by partnering with them. Here is top 3 AdSense plugin for wordpress website which provide great ads management experience for advertising.

#1 Google AdSense

Google AdSense plugin is the official AdSense plugin by Google AdSense. This plugin is great AdSense plugin as you don’t need to generate and insert ads code. You just need to activate plugin and the plugin will automatically place ads at best placement place on your wordpress site.

This plugin allow you to place AdSense ads code snippet on your site manually at your desired location and you can also able to verify your Google search console account with this plugin. This plugin is only for those publisher who only have to monetize there wordpress website and blog with Google AdSense. Get The Official Google AdSense Plugin by Google on

#2 Easy Plugin for AdSense

Easy Plugin for AdSense is another great ads management wordpress plugin which allow you to insert Google AdSense ads code and other ads networks code into your wordpress website or blog. This plugin provide an great features for ads management like , you can block ads showing on certain page , insert ads in sidebar through widget, blocks ads on multiple pages add a Google Search box.

Easy Plugin for AdSense sports the simplest possible configuration interface — nothing more than cutting and pasting AdSense code, and with sensible defaults for the few options present, all with clear instructions. Find Easy AdSense Plugin on

#3 Ad Injection

Ad injection is another highly recommended AdSense plugin for wordpress website, this plugin has a great features for advert like Google AdSense and other. This ads plugin can inject any ads on your wordpress post and pages. You can control the number of adverts based on the post length, and it can restrict who sees adverts by post age, visitor referrer and IP address.

Ad Injection also allow you to block ads to showing people by IP address, by referrer and allow you take full control on who can see your ads. This plugin can be used with multiple advertising networks, eg. Google AdSense, Buy sell ads, Amazon Associate, Click Bank and other ads networks. Get Ad Injection plugin from

How to Register a Domain Name With Google

Google is the one of the top most popular search engine and every website need traffic from Google. Here is 3 easy step to register a domain name with Google and get traffic. Visit and sign in with Gmail Email address and password.

Input the domain you’d like to register in the “URL:” field, then enter in the security words so Google knows you are human, and click “Submit Request.” Wait a few minute as its take some time to officially register your domain name in Google. You will get message ”Your Request has been received and it will be processed shortly” so you have registered your domain name successfully to Google.

For better search engine optimization use Google Webmaster Tool or Google Search Console. You can submit your sitemap to Google from your Google search Console account.

How To Get Backlinks From High Authority Blog ?

There is more then 25 methods which considered by Google as well as others search engine to rank any blog or website on his search engine first page including high quality authority backlinks. Here I am going to share the trick so that you can able to get high quality backlinks pointing your blog.

What is BackLinks ?

The term backlinks  in search engine optimization means an inbound link which should be do follow pointing to your blog from high quality page rank websites or blog is called backlinks. Backlinks is the most and first method to get high quality traffic from the search engine and increase SERP. But we need to remember that we don’t get backlinks too many or from the low quality traffic as its might be risky for any blog.

How to generate backlinks from high authority website?

Well getting backlinks from high authority website isn’t easy! But we can make quality back links from authority website by 2 ways.

1. Guest Blogging

You have listened this term too many time the guest blogging is the best way to get back links from PR website by writing well formatted guest post for authority blog free and you can also get high authority links from well guest post service.

2. Blog Comments

We have seen many high authority blog have open there Comments box for Comments . You can generate backlinks by Commenting on there blog using href do follow link with your targeted keywords. But don’t comments as a spam or robots. Your comments should be look genuine as no one want bad commitment on his blog and should be matched with the niche of your keywords. The above method for getting high quality backlinks from authority website will boost your blog traffic from search engine up to 50% but remember don’t try to get too many backlinks for same keywords just try to get high quality authority blog backlinks 2 to 5 per month.

seo services list

Search Engine Optimization : SEO Services List 

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making our web site indexing in to the top position of a Search Engine Results Page(SERP). Every blogger want there blog or websites on page 1 of search engine result. There is a process which we need to follow to get our blog on page 1 in every search engine result page for a particular keyword or keywords.

Here I am going to share the Seo Services List of activities which every blogger should consider for getting top position in search engine result page. Search Engine Optimization contains two activities, one is “Off Page SEO” and other is “On Page SEO”.


1)Off page Activities: 

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Forum Posting
  • Article submission
  • Create WordPress Templates
  • Google Page Submission
  • Press Releases
  • Link Exchange [ Reciprocal & Nonreciprocal]
  • Classified Ad Posting
  • Comments Posting
  • Google Group Discussion
  • Yahoo Group Discussion
  • MSN Group Discussion
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Rediff Answers
  • Yellow-page Ad posting
  • Google Sitemap Creation (xml)
  • Yahoo Sitemap Creation (.txt)
  • Web 2.0 Implementation
  • RSS Feeds


2) On Page activities:

  • Domain choosing
  • Keyword Analysis – (overture or word tracker)
  • Website Architecture (CSS is the more SEO Friendly)
  • Website Analysis
  • Competitor Website Analysis
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Description
  • Heading Tag
  • Alt Tag
  • Content Optimization
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword prominence
  • Keyword proximity
  • Internal Linking.


If you follow all the above of activities you will get what you need but remember you need to do this activities in natural ways. May be its take some time but believe me as much as time its take your blog or website get high ranking in search engine result.

Best High Paying CPM Advertising Networks

Highest Paying CPM Advertising Networks

CPM (Cost-Per-Mile or Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions) is the one of the revenue making program where publisher make money on every impression . pay per impression (cpm) advertising networks not suitable for every blog as if your website getting very little traffic then you won’t make money I recommend you to use CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising network like Google AdSense or if you have low traffic volume I should recommend you to first make your blog a good quality and high traffic blog .

A blog with high quality traffic from search engine can make money with cpm advertising networks . Here is the top paying cpm advertising network for publisher.


Revenuehits advertising network is the one of the best AdSense alternative now days as its beat Google AdSense in many aspects, they are accepting small publisher too with quality traffic. There website approval process is very good and your website get approved in 24 hours. I personally using this network for one of my blog with very small traffic and making money $5 per week.

Minimum Payments: $20 via Paypal, Payoneer , Wire Transfer is a part of AOL and its the highest cpm advertising network . They require good traffic quality publisher. If you have more then 50% traffic coming from United State then apply for this network.

Minimum Payments: $25 via Check

Propeller Ads Media

Propeller Ads Media advertising network for small publisher is another great highest cpm advertising networks . If you have an small blog with mobile traffic then you should apply for Propeller advertising network.

Plus Point

Plus point is the new advertising networks. Its provide great cpm rate to publisher. Its also require good quality blog with great quality of traffic. You can generate high cpm rate for your blog.

Minimum Payment: $50 Via Paypal Or Check


Infolink is another high cpm rate advertising network for small publisher with good quality traffic. If you good traffic coming from search engine the apply for this network as it\’s a Text link ads based network.

Requirements: Your site must have quality content.

Minimum Payment: $50 Via Paypal, Wire Transfer and Payoneer.


Chitika advertising network will pay you high cpm rate if you have a blog high USA, UK traffic coming from search engine. Chitika also for those small publisher who just started there blog.

Requirements: They Approved every website

Minimum Payment: $10 Via Paypal.


Popcash is popunder advertising network with high cpm rate for publisher. Popcash accept all publisher from all around the world. If you want to try popunder advertising then apply for Popcash advertising network.


Axill is very fast growing advertising network which provides complete solution for publishers to serve advertisements. They offers very impressive CPM rates. Axill works with publishers to improve their performance by suggesting the suitable offers and programs based on the website content.


BuySellAds is another great cpm paying advertising networks. They accept only high traffic publisher with good quality blog. There cpm is greater then other cpm advertising network. If you have huge amount of visitor on your blog with million of page views then apply for BuySellAds.

Requirements: BuySellAds is approval is strict. They approve blog using Alexa Rank and traffic to your blog.

Minimum Payment: $10 Via Paypal, Wire transfer (minimum $500, $35 fee)


Conversant (earlier known as ValueClick Media) is another high paying CPM advertising network. If you are having quality blog and getting 3000 page views per month then apply for this cpm ads network.

Requirements: Good quality Blog with minimum 3000 page views.

Minimum Payment: Minimum payout is $25 which can be done via PayPal, check, direct deposit. Payment frequency is monthly.

Technorati Media

Technorati Media Ads network which is a CPM-based advertising network. It’s offer highest cpm rate to its publisher. Approval based on several factors like Visitors, Page Views, Ranking etc. Minimum payout is $50 and payment is done via PayPal.



5 Best Keyword Rank Checker Tools

Google Keyword Position Checker Tools

Every blogger want to rank first in Google search for the keyword which he want to target. Keyword position check is most common thing do every blogger. There are number of free keyword rankings checker tools so I am going to share with you best Keyword ranking checker tools or Google keyword Position Checker tools which make your SEO life easier to finding keyword rank for your blog.

SEMRush :

SEMRush is SEO tool for every blogger who want to improve there SEO for the blog. With SEMrush keyword ranking tool not only you able to check any Keyword ranking with live update from top Search Engine but also you will get the volume of search made for those keyword. Semrush SEM tool is very easy to use you just need to enter the Keyword or URL of website you will get result of those keyword and Website including top keyword which are rankings high in Search Engine. This Search Engine Marketing Tool free to use but for best experience I would recommend you to use it’s Pro features.Try SEMrush Keyword Position Checker Tools

Moonsy’s Google Position checker: 

Moonsy Keyword position checker in Google search is another great keyword ranking checker tool for your website. Its not only provide your keyword position in search result but also you can use to check your competitor website ranking position for those keyword. Find Moonsy Google Position Checker Tool 

SEO Centro: 

SEO Centro is another top website keyword checker online tool which provide detailed keyword position of any keyword in top search engines including Yahoo, Google and Bing. It supports tracking competitor websites simultaneously too. Find SEO Centro Keyword Tool

Small SEO tools: 

Small SEO is the great tool for doing search engine optimization of your blog. Its provide best resource too find keyword position in search engine. You can use this tool for keyword ranking tracking as well as for backlink checker of any website. Try Small SEO Tool

Free Keyword Rank Checker & SERP Checker. is another great website for checking keyword position online. You can check keyword rankings positions in Google or Yahoo from over 100 country. So if you are doing local business and want to improve your local business appearance in search engine then you should try this website for checking keyword position in your location. Try online website to check keyword ranking

Best Content Discovery Network / Native Advertising Network

Content Discovery Network is another great source for making extra money from you website by displaying Native Ads. Content Discovery Network like a Pay Per Clicks Ads network You may have seen on many website showing Relates Stories, Around the Web, Related Posts etc which looks like they belong to that site. Content Discovery Ads or Native Ads are made for to promote other website content to publisher content. Why should you use Content Discovery Advertising Network or Native Advertising Network. You should use Content discovery network to get extra money from your blog and the second reason of this if related native ads not found in content discovery that time they will promote your own in house ads. Here is top best content discovery network or Native Advertising Network


Outbrain is the one of the most famous Content Discovery Network for top publisher. Its used by mostly high traffic blog. Outbrain offers solutions for both desktop and mobile, you can create native ads for both platforms matching your website layout. Its offer more customizable modules to its publisher so that publisher get full control on promoted content for maximum revenue. You can use this Native Ads network as advertiser to get more high quality traffic from trusted blog.


Revcontent the world’s fastest growing native advertising network with 100 billion content recommendations a month. It’s create a truly native look and feel for your users. Recontent publisher site get highest eCpm in the industry with increased audience. If you have blog with quality traffic from any of this country, US, UK, CA and Australia then apply for this Native advertising network.

Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini is the another best native advertising network by Yahoo inc. Its limited to only USA publisher as they only accept USA based quality blog and website in there network. It’s highly customizable, you can easily ad native ads with full control on the content to your website and earn money from your websites.


Zemanta content discovery network or native ads is another most popular native ads network. Its not only provide native ada but also you can use this to get promoted Recommendations. It has native ads features with In-text ads, in – stream Ads sponsored content which provide you to get more revenue options from your blog. is the best suitable content discovery ads network or native ads. I have good experience with this Native ads network. It’s very high customizable content discovery network. You can promote your on post to your user with mixing of native ads. provide highest cpm rate with 100 fill rate and responsive size and style of native ads for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet traffic of your website. You will have more option with Native advertising network.


Taboola can be best native advertising network for every publisher. Taboola offers Content Discovery and native ads for about all devices like desktop and mobile. Toboola can be used for revenue making with sponsored native ads along with your own content promoted to your site user as a related content which help you to boost your page views. You will get your own content promoted on premium advertising blog with Taboola. The all above content discovery network or Native advertising network are the best native network which can be used to make money online from blog or website.