Best Google AdSense Alternative 2017

Google AdSense is the one of the best advertising networks for your blog, but what if you have done too much but every time AdSense rejected you, don’t worry too much about it because you can earn money through other Top Google AdSense Alternative advertising networks or via affiliate marketing. So Here is some AdSense alternative of 2017 which in my opinion is the best blog monetization networks.


1. Propeller Ads Media


Recently joined with Propeller Ads Media advertising network, its based from United Kingdom and offer good revenue if you are getting good traffic from UK, USA, India, Japan, Europe, but if you are not getting traffic from above country there is still chance to get good revenue from other country traffic too as they are claimed that they have ads inventory for all over the world. Even I am also getting some traffic from other country on my content niche blog and making some reasonable money. Click Here to Join Propeller Ads Network

2. Amazon Associates 

amazon associate

Amazon is the world biggest online shopping portal operations in all over the world will give you chance to get some good revenue if you are having Technology, Health or other niche blog for which the related product is found on there online shopping portal then Amazon associates could work for you. But remember its not pay per click (PPC) or Cost per mile (CPM) ads network, with Amazon Associate you will get commission if some of your user from your site purchased something via the banner ads from your niche blog. You will get around $10 to $100 commission based on purchased made by the user via your Amazon affiliate link. Click Here to get Amazon affiliate Account\

3. Infolinks 


Infolinks is another best AdSense alternative advertising network.\n\nInfolink is cost per click advertising network and its target your website page keywords so there is too much chance to make money with your website if your having reasonable traffic from all over the world. They pay you if you reach $50 via Wire Transfer, PayPal, Check Western Union, ACH and Payoneer. Here is the chance to join Infolinks

 4. RevenueHits

revenue hits

Revenue Hits advertising network is based from Israel with the great advertising revenue I call this network one of the best AdSense alternative advertising network of 2017. Revenue Hits has a great advertising feature for your blog basically they run CPA or Cost Per Action ads but they having CPM & CPC model too, it will help publisher to monetize there every traffic, so with this network you will get good revenue for your blog but you have to give them 1 or 2 week after that you will get best ads for your niche. Targeted Ads + Targeted Audience = Good Revenue.

5. Chitika


Chitika is the first choice of mine when I was just started my blog , so its best AdSense Alternative advertising network for those blogger who just started there niche blog and want to make money from blog. Chitika don’t have traffic requirement so if your website not getting to much traffic there us still chance to make money online from blog. You will be paid when you reach $10 via PayPal but for Wire Transfer you have to wait for $50. Get the Chitika Account

The above all advertising network are the best Google AdSense alternative so try them and make money from your blog.