5 Best ways of Link Building

5 Best ways of Link Building

To build up a brand identity in online preference with your website there is no alternative to link building. A perfect link building strategy can not only give you profit but also can help you to make your site more visible to people working with online platforms. Today I am going to write about 5 best ways of link building. I hope this guide will help you to achieve your target. Lets get started!

Way-1: Broken Link Checkup

This is one of the latest formulas of link building. There are lots of way to target your domain. You can google your niche and then pickup couple of them or may be tons. But make sure they are actually your target. You can get them listed on a spreadsheet. Then the most important part appears, How to find out the broken links.

There are lots of tools to find broken link. You can simply search them. Now just put your url in the box and press enter. Hopefully you might get some broken link. Copy all of them and store them in a file. Go for the other one’s in the same way. Now what you need to do is find the most relevant content and outreach. I am quite sure that you are going to have at least 10% link of the total prospect or may be more.

Free Broken Link Checker   checks your website for bad links   dead links online

In this way you can build tons of link with simple strategy.

Way-2: Resource page linking

If your site have already decent amount of link then this way is perfect for you. Go for research again with google. Hope that you will find relevant content. Target the article or blogpost. Store them in one spread sheet. Then simply out reach the blogger or writer of the article to add your link as a resource. I know it’s little bit confusing that are they going to give you a link back to your url. In that case offer them something. Like, promoting their blogpost or linking back from your site. By this way you are going to have a win-win situation which will turn your prospect into lead. Just like this:

What are Broken Links

Way-3: Creating Infographic

This is a modern way to build link. It is considered as one of the powerful way of link building. You can build link in two different day through infographic. First one is image backlink and second one is the secret one.

If you are thinking creating backlink will take more and more time then you are living in the different world. Because today creating info graphic is quite simple. You can make infographic with canva. There are other tools similar to canva but still you can make lots of amazing infographic through it.

The Power of Visual Storytelling in Content Marketing  Infographic

Now you just need to outreach to your prospects and offer them to publish your infographic to their site. Don’t ask them about giving link to your site. Instead of it tell them that you have written a content describing the infographic. I really do belive most of the prospects will turn into your lead. Now you just need to insert your link to the content of your article.

Way-4: Guest Blogging

The toughest also best way to build quality link is guest blogging. If you are similar to writing then this is for you. Write informative and attractive content for your targeted audience and then outreach it to different editorial blogs. Suppose you have written a content about rich snippets. Now you want to publish on a seo blog. First define your content section. In terms of rich snippets, it will be SEO. The go to google and search with the term below:

Seo + “write for us”

Seo + “submit a guest post”

Seo + “contribute on blog”

There are lot of keyword to find your prospects. Just out reach them. Hope that your content will soon approved and published into a blog.

seo submit an article Google Search

Way-5: Post interview

In modern link building strategy this is new formula of building links. You can go for interview with a big influencer and then write it down on your word file.

I do believe there are lots of sites who want to publish content like this on their site. This is because people around then want to get something authentic and appreciative.

You can write about an webinar, sometimes you can write about ‘experts roundup’ all these kinds of stuffs will help you to generate backlinks organically.

Neil Patel Interview One of the Biggest Influencers on Digital Marketing

Last few words, No one like keyword stuffed content. If you see people scrolling on your content that’s mean you are successful. If people find something informative from your post then they are surely going to link back to your content. Yes, this is the main strategy. The ultimate way to generate organic backlinks to your site.